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Top 9 Nastiest Pitches in Baseball History
Pitching is often thought of as an art - an act of finesse and touch. It’s about control. It’s about subtly making the ball dance with rhythm and pace. Throughout the years, each pitch has adopted a categorizing name such as the fastball, the changeup, the slider, the curveball, etc.
Best Walk Up Songs of All Time
It’s magic when you approach an at-bat with your favorite song playing through the sound system. From a local complex to a 40,00 person stadium, when you get your song right, you feel invincible. 
MLB Player Demographics

While looking to create a piece about hispanic players in Major League Baseball, I ran into an issue trying to find data on the topic. Yes, 2020 has made for a strange year but it’s still baffling to think that this information isn’t readily available to the public. After all, we live in an era in which every question has an answer at the end of our fingertips.

Top 10 Walk Up Songs For 2021
When it comes to choosing your walk-up song, there are many different directions you can go with it. Some players choose to use the same walk-up song for every at-bat, while like to mix it up for every game they...